Estrella Partners Group was established in 2009 to 
provide professional consulting services for small and 
global business owners alike. We are an organization 
that treats its clients with the utmost respect, honesty 
and professionalism. We have a proven track record of 
providing exceptional value as trusted advisors, with a 
high level of client satisfaction and delivery excellence. 

Our company provides a variety of consulting services
from Management and Technology Services, Interim Executives, and Business Coaching for companies that are in start-up mode through all levels of corporate maturity models with ongoing support as your company grows and thrives. 
Our resources are highly trained professional with experience in a variety of industries and core competencies, most have been c-level executives with major, well respected organizations and/or entrepreneurs in their own rights.  
Al Uretsky
Al is a graduate of New York University with an emphasis
in Information Technology, International Business, and
Communications. Al is a member of the Sigma Alpha Mu
fraternal organization. Al is certified in Project / Program
Management, as well as being a professional business coach.

Al Uretsky has an exceptional record of achievement leading
business development and strategic planning efforts to
promote bottom-line growth. Highly accomplished, ambitious
executive with over 30 years of consulting experience with
prestigious firms such as Ernst & Young, Fujitsu Consulting,
and IBM Global Service with industry expertise spanning
banking and financial services, healthcare, entertainment, education, restaurants and publishing. Al is dedicated to exceeding client expectations and business objectives by aligning corporate vision and values to actionable initiatives for process improvement. Background includes establishing and managing program management offices, generating double-digit revenue growth, and developing new consultative service offerings. Al has been published in numerous nation-wide publications on various business topics.

Al is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist by trade and owns a number of firms including; Estrella Partners Group, Estrella Publishing (including Up The Hill magazine, Viva magazine, The Hamlet magazine, The Park magazine, Main Street magazine, Mountain View magazine, It's A Grand Life magazine, The Front Porch magazine, Bison Living magazine, and Torreon Living magazine), Cats Candids Photography, and others.. Al has a history of being an elected official and philanthropist supporting numerous local and national worthy non-profit organization.
Neil 'Bud' Levey
Over 25 years in business origination, development, operation,
redevelopment, implementation and growth in businesses.  
These business models included retail, wholesale, engineering,
on-line and direct sales, production, quality control, customer
service and retention, marketing, P&L and accounting operation
& evaluation, negotiations, personnel and HR operations, and
many more.  Over 10 years as a mortgage consultant in
residential and commercial mortgages for brokers and major U.S.
banks. Other experience includes 11 years as the volunteer
sports  director for the Arizona Special Olympics, 6 years as the
President of Desert Harbor’s HOA, a certified teacher and speaker
in the mortgage industry on various subjects and facilitator for
two business network groups.
Lee Eisen
Lee brings a deep and broad base of skills and experience to the
Risk Management Practice at Estrella Partners.  He has provided
professional services to large firms across the business spectrum. 
His clients include International Paper, Continuum Health Partners,
Prudential Insurance, The State of New Jersey, JPMorganChase,, and Mirant.  Lee’s focus on Governance and Risk
Management provides his clients with clear tactical and strategic
visions of the benefits to be realized from performance
measurement and process improvement.  As an elected public
official, Lee has significant experience negotiating between
conflicting interests to achieve positive results. 
Lee has experience with School Districts as a School Board
President and providing Emergency Plans for other School Districts.
Mr. Lee Eisen, MBCP and MBCI, has a significant background in Business Continuity Management and Compliance Programs.  He has subject matter expertise in
  • Continuity Management (Business Operation and Technology)
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Financial Metrics
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Operations Change Management
  • Governance Programs for Regulatory Compliance
With 38-years experience in the field, Mr. Eisen has dedicated 22-years to business continuity practices.
As a certified business continuity professional, Mr. Eisen has developed Business Continuity initiatives for an international bank, a Municipal Transit Authority, the NJ Department of Health, and Crisis Management Plans for a fortune 50 CEO team.

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